About Neighbor Hub

Why Us?

Neighbor Hub is a team of people that provided a diverse set of skills, abilities and perspectives that can help build your business.

We are experts in business development and we are dedicated to building your business. We take time to learn about your business and goals. We create a personalized building plan for your business using a technological spin that will bring success to you.
We are skilled in a world of ever changing technology. We stay current and updated on all the digital tools available. We help you grow and evolve with the current technological resources. We help you meet the industry standards and create a smooth and foolproof way of staying above the digital curve.


We have extensive background in the different fields of digital marketing. We have worked at agency and small business levels. This provides us with great insight on the variety of strategies that can be used to grow several different business types. We offer digital marketing consultation to our clients to ensure that they have access to our knowledge base of the most effective tools and strategies.

Our amazing team offers the solution to this by combining our awesome pricing and offering a level of service that they can’t get from anywhere else.


Nathan & Lydia Makowske


Affectionately known as “The Power Couple”, Nathan & Lydia can make just about anything happen. They love working with the Neighbor Hub team to help their clients grow their businesses. Nathan is the “Idea Guy” and comes up with extraordinary and strategic plans and ideas that are original to him. Lydia is the “Straight Shooter” and keeps the team focused on executing the plan.

Hobbies include: Technology, Traveling and Spending Time Together

Sharon Ruemenapp

Client Manager & Designer

Sharon’s ability with design amazes us daily. Her solid foundation in art and design offers unique and versatile perspectives when working with our clients. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients are happy and taken care of. Her spunk and sweet attitude keep our team smiling and energized!

Hobbies include: Lord Of The Rings Junkie and Planning Her 2018 Wedding


Office Manager

Our FurBaby keeps us company while we are working in the office. She is a four year old Shih tzu that has a perfectly sweet disposition.

Hobbies include: Rotating who gets to have her sit in their lap, running away from her toy pig, and playing tag with us during our work breaks.