Since we posted the other day about restaurant websites, we wanted to provide you with some examples of awesome website designs to get your creative juices flowing and help you figure out what would work the best for your restaurant!

# 1 Tony Roma’s

As soon as you land on Tony Roma’s website, they present their focus on BBQ ribs and steaks. The color scheme of smoky red and black portrays the traditional steakhouse feel. The color scheme also works well with the photos that they chose to display on the restaurant’s website. The photos showcase the high quality foods that Tony Roma’s offers. The logo is simple, crisp, and blends everything together into a classic steakhouse website.

# 2 Two Samuels

Two Samuels nailed an elegant design that represents the fine dining experience they offer. The amazing photos used on this website showcase their love for attention to detail and excellence. Two Samuels incorporated circled images into the website which added an additional element of class and character. Another example of their attention to detail are the delicate fonts that they used to represent the fine dining experience they offer. The website’s color scheme was kept very basic, which allows the restaurant’s elegant attention to detail to shine.

# 3 Sugar Cakes Patisserie

Sugar Cakes Patisserie casts their restaurants personality throughout the entire website. They managed to make their website replicate what their restaurant & bakery look like inside. The awesome photography keeps the overall feel of their website sharp and appealing. The display of menus Sugar Cake used are straightforward and easy to understand. This website does a fantastic job representing the restaurants french inspiration and class!    

# 4 El Torrero

El Torrero flaunts their mouth watering food right on the homepage of their website! The big and beautiful photos used present their restaurant’s food in a creative way that allows those visiting the site to know exactly what they offer. The way that the homepage photos transition is creative and showcases the restaurant’s flare. El Torrero’s menu appears to be scanned copies of their printed menu, which is a simple yet effective way to display a menu. Overall, this is a creative and outside the box approach to a restaurant’s website and offers several ideas.

# 5 Speakeasy Coffee Bar

Speakeasy Coffee Bar offers a wonderful example of how to use the parallax effect. The classic black and white theme is simple and works well with the parallax. The navigation bar is a hamburger menu on the left side. This website’s user friendly one-page design offers everything that a visitor might want to know all within one scroll. Their order online page makes ordering online as easy as it could be too.

# 6 Rustic Chicken

Rustic Chicken checkout the awesome photos and layout of this website! Super creative and colorful presentation of the passion that Rustic Chicken has for natural foods. The photos used all compliment the colors that are used for branding and really catch your attention. The accordion slider is flashy but balanced as it shows off the different sections of the menu. This website displays the restaurant’s logo in a really creative and fun way that really ties everything together.

# 7 Mokkabar

Mokkabar presents more design ideas and functions that can be very helpful for restaurants and cafes. This website has a multi-image layout which allows them to use more photos and alternate photos and text. The font used throughout the website is used in a way to catch attention and incorporate the color schemes. The menu shows up once you start to scroll, which is a different and attractive presentation for this restaurant’s website. One of the amazing functions that this website showcases is on the Info page where they use circle counters to show the number of seating. Also, check out the parallax contact form! This website really comes together nicely.



These are some great examples of designs and themes that work wonderfully for restaurants and cafes! Of course, these are only a few of the near limitless amount of options that are available. Often times people check out your website before ever entering your doors. So, always be thinking about what you want your visitor’s first impression to be! Make it welcoming and provide your visitors with the information they need. We can work with you to help you present your business online in the most attractive way possible!